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A social mission

Sofia is driven by the vision that quality tutoring should be made afforable for all.

What’s Sofia?

Sofia is a mobile and web app which greatly simplifies the organization of face-to-face tutoring sessions. In a few clicks, Sofia matches your children with the tutor who best fits their needs and best matches your availabilities.


With Sofia, your schedule is king. You just need to insert your availabilities into the system and Sofia will match you with a tutor who is available at the same time.


Sofia lets you chose the location where you want the tutoring sessions to be held, whether it be at your residence, at your child’s school or at the local library. The tutor will travel to the location of your choosing.


We vet our tutors and verify their qualifications to ensure that they adhere to our high standards.

Affordable rates

Our mission is simple: to offer you top tutoring talent at a reasonable price. Our rates are up to 50% lower than those of our competition.

Photo de Loïc Bellemare-AlfordFree HTML5 Responsive Template

Loïc Bellemare-Alford

Loïc founded his Web development company, LBA Creations, at the age of 15. He has a passion for video production and photography.


Photo de Vincent-Pierre Fullerton

Vincent-Pierre Fullerton

Vincent-Pierre founded Lifeguard on Demand, his first company, at the age of 16. He is a law student at McGill University.


Made by young adults

For youths

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Affordable tutoring

Our standardized rates ensure that you pay the just price for the services rendered. Nothing less, nothing more.

25$ /heure


29$ /heure

High school

35$ /heure


What are you waiting for to find a tutor?  

An app that changes everything

Sofia isn’t a simple tutoring agency. We believe in the democratization of tutoring and the success of your children.

Smart matching

Sofia’s algorithm matches tutors and students in an organic way. This allows for the creation of a sincere relationship of confidence between the tutor and your child.

Service quality

Sofia allows you to rate tutors after each session. Only tutors with high ratings are allowed to stay on Sofia’s team.

Homework tracking

With Sofia, tutors can leave homework to their students for the next tutoring session. The information is accessible to students and to their parents.

First session guarantee

If you are not satisfied with you tutor after the first session, you will be reimbursed. Sofia will then match you with a new tutor.


Payment is made automatically after each tutoring session.


Sofia is compatible with every device. It works on the Web, on Android and on iOS.

An original idea

Sofia is the original idea of both its founders. They are dedicated to making Sofia a giant success.

A Montreal Company

We are proud Montrealers aiming to revolutionize the tutoring world.


Here are the answers to the most frequent questions. If you have other questions, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

add Where does the name Sofia come from?

In ancient Greek, "Sophia" means wisdom. As wisdom stems from knowledge and tutors transmit knowledge, we thought Sofia was the perfect name for our service.

add When will Sofia be ready to use?

We are planning to launch Sofia in September 2016, just in time for the new school year but we will be testing beta versions before then. However, you don't need to wait to sign up! If you sign up immediately, you will be informed of Sofia's development and you will be amongst the first to use the service.

add Will Sofia be available outside of Montreal?

For the moment, we are focusing on Montreal. When Sofia has been thoroughly tested and proven successful, we intend to expand the service to other canadian and american cities.

add How will the transactions be handled?

All the transactions will be made by credit card and will be processed automatically via PayPal or Stripe. In the event of an erroneous transaction, contact us for a correction.

add For which subjects do you offer tutoring?

As of September 2016, we will offer tutoring for the following subjects at elementary and high school levels: French, English, Maths, General Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Social Sciences (History, Geography, Ethics). We will eventually extend our offer of tutoring to subjects at the CEGEP and university level.

add What can I do if I do not like a tutor?

After the first session, you can request a change if you feel the tutor does not fulfill your expectations. After subsequent sessions, we request that you contact us and we will take appropriate action.

What are you waiting for to find a tutor?